Spifftastic RSS Feed

Hey, turns out the RSS feed changery is unnecessary. The FeedBurner URL will continue to work, of course, but mod_rewrite appears to have taken care of most issues with the change-over (all permalinks still work and whatnot).

If you’re currently reading this via an RSS reader, you should probably update your feed URL to the new FeedBurner URL at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Spifftastic. Ordinarily, I would like to avoid changing the feed location, but I’ll be moving Spifftastic over to OakTree shortly, and given my infrequent updates, would at least like to give folks a chance to switch over before I pull the plug on the old feed (which will be replaced with a new feed that FeedBurner can automatically move you to).

There will be a few more changes to Spifftastic, including the addition of a Google +1 button (until I decide I hate them) and the removal of the site’s search function (because it’ll be static HTML). I hope these changes won’t affect anything drastically, as the button is fairly small and part of the post meta and the search function never really got any use anyway.

So, update your feeds and you’ll be good to go when I finally plant OakTree.